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Website management

Framer is an industry leading website creation tool. We use it for all of our client sites because of how powerful it is for us and how easy it is to use for you!

Manage your website

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Each of our clients get a state of the art, easy to understand, fully custom analytics platform to monitor all the data that their site is collecting.

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Manage your testimonials here, using your own testimonial management tool that will transform how you collect, use and showcase testimonials throughout your business.

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SEO Reports

Here you'll find your SEO reports completed on a monthly basis by SOS's SEO partner.

If you have any questions, or would like a call to go through these reports, then please do let us know!

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Brand materials

A page showcasing the brand materials that we have put together for you with our years of experience in design and business positioning.

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Promotional video

We're really proud of our work. So, we offer all of our customers a free studio standard video of their website to share via social media.

We'd really appreciate if you credited us for the site but you don't have to!

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Support guides

We have a collection of guides just for SOS customers.

If you need help following along or want to request a new guide, just let your client relationship manager know!

View our guides

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Dedicated support contact

All of our clients have a dedicated individual responsible for their experience with SOS.

Feel free to reach out anytime, to ask anything.

If you have any queries with regards to billing, this is also your go to!

Your dedicated support contact:

Coming soon

SOS Community

Access to highly valuable materials specifically designed to help you get more Solar sales with digital services.

Engage with other solar business owners, share wins, losses and advice.

We'll also be looking to host regular expert guest appearances and livestreams.

You will receive free access to this section as soon as we launch it!

Coming soon

AI Chatbot

Your own bespoke AI-powered chatbot, that will sell for you on autopilot!

This is our first step into the artificial intelligence space. Once we're confident we can deliver great value with this product, we will offer it to existing customers!

This is not included in your package.

Coming soon

Portfolio optimisation results

Our entire portfolio is specialised to serving Solar businesses, so we can test best practices throughout the entire portfolio and report results back to our customers.

Implementing the best findings on your site, free of charge.

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